In this special episode, recent guests including Maranda Dziekonski, Kerri Brown, and Brent Cogswell call out the biggest BS in CS and how to overcome it. Listen as they discuss how customer care and customer success are NOT the same, why Net Promoter Score carries too much weight, and much more.

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(01:06) Brent Cogswell

(03:10) Maranda Dziekonski

(06:22) Shona Fenner 

(08:55) Kerri Brown

(12:09) Guy Nirpaz

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Listen to Ep. 1: Customer journey as a product with Guy Nirpaz, Founder and CEO of Totango

Listen to Ep. 2: The power of being proactive with Brent Cogswell, Head of Customer Success at Schneider Electric

Listen to Ep. 3: Building CS from scratch with Maranda Dziekonski, Chief Customer Officer at Swiftly

Listen to Ep. 4: Owning the moment trumps owning the customer with Shona Fenner, Sr. Customer Success Operations Manager at PetDesk

Listen to Ep. 5: Delivering on customer expectations with Kerri Brown, Head of Customer Success Strategy Execution at SAP


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