Totango Dances into a New Era of Web Engagement via SaaS

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

Launched just this week, newcomer Totango (news, site) aims to be the next generation of customer engagement software for Software-as-a-Service heads.

Essentially, Totango's platform can tell SaaS companies who is using their products, how they're using them, and how often they're being used.

Built for sales teams, the aim is a departure from the traditional pool. "Web analytics tools today are intended more for marketing than sales," explained Totango CEO and co-founder Guy Nirpaz. "They provide an aggregate view of traffic clicks on the Web site, not the actual usage of people on the service that SaaS offers. Also, Totango tracks down to the per user basis so you can see individual user interactions--how much they've used, where they went, pretty much whatever you want to know about how they experienced your software."

Not wanting to be mistaken for another competitor, the startup’s beta integrates with native apps, enabling Salesforce customers to continue working within their usual environments with a broader set of tools to improve sales outcomes.

Showing a bit of promise, the company also recently closed a US$ 3.8 million round of Series A funding, led by Pitango Venture Capital and Gemini Ventures. The startup will reportedly use its latest infusion of capital to enhance hiring and marketing efforts.

Eager to get started? Do so while the service is free -- rumor has it Totango plans to scale its platform, and will eventually add pricing tiers.

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