Rapid Insight Forms

Digitize data effortlessly using Rapid Insight Forms

Digitizing data from sales, support and CS teams into Totango becomes a breeze with Rapid Insight Forms

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Rapid Insight Forms lets you easily track and digitize data from other stakeholders with valuable customer information that is typically lost when accounts transition from one team to another. Leveraging forms for sales handover or certain escalation scenarios could unlock actionable data that can be segmented and operationalized on.

Digitize information effortlessly

Digitize information from sales, support and other roles effortlessly within Totango. Send forms to Spark or Zoe users to gather information in a convenient survey format.

Unlock insights

Tap into information that was previously buried in documents or in people’s minds to uncover new insights about your customers, users, processes, or the other aspects that affect customer outcomes.

Act on new insights

Operationalizing new insights using SuccessPlays may result in greater benefits and better outcomes

Start digitizing data effortlessly. Get Rapid Insights.

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