Dealing with Customer Escalation is a part of running any organization. You can think of an escalation as a communication breakdown. Even if you have the customers’ best interest in mind, things can and will go wrong. The key is to consistently resolve the escalations and use the opportunity to grow the relationship with the customers.

Since escalations are reactive by nature and triggered by customers, they are best handled by SuccessPlays.

Resolve Customer Escalations

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Totango Escalation Dashboard

Here's a typical Customer Escalation SuccessBLOC. You can customize it for your own business, but these examples will give you a good starting point.

Goals & KPI's Totango

Goals & KPIs.

A high number of escalations will usually drive to churn. Good product adoption translates into high license utilization, usage frequency, use of the high-value features and more. Please keep in mind that different types of products will have different relevant goals.

 Minimize the number of new escalation 

Number of open escalations in the last 30 days.

Trend of open escalations in the past 12 months.

 Resolve open escalation in less than 30 days

Escalation time to resolution.

Ensure constant progress of existing escalations.

Ensure customer trust during and post escalation

Customer feedback or NPS.
Customer health during and after escalation.

Totango Segments


Escalation by Status

Escalation by Reason

Recently Closed Escalations

Repeat Customer Escalations

Totango Best Practices

Best Practices.

Help your team with company and industry best practices to reduce learning and training time and create consistency across your engagements.

How to Deal with an Escalation Storm 

Who should I reach out to with a problem?

SuccesPlays Totango Playbooks


Document and automate consistent and structured engagement models for your team during customer adoption. Since escalations are reactive by nature and triggered by customers, they are best handled by SuccessPlays.

Escalation workflow

A. Kick Off
B. Progress
C. Resolution
D. Post Resolution

Schedule the resolution meeting

Get feedback post escalation

Totango Campaign Automation


Automate your communications on behalf of the company or the customer success manager using campaigns to send automated emails triggered by various goals. Here are a few examples:

New User Welcome Email

“Welcome [John] to [Company/product]. Here’s what you should be using”

Goal Orienting new users and guiding them to the right features they need to be using

Targeting New users of accounts after onboarding

Drive Feature Usage Email

“You’re missing out on [value]”

Goal Driving feature usage

Targeting Users that are not using a specific feature

Progress/Status Email

“This is what you’ve done/accomplished so far”

Goal Exposing champions to their company usage and value they are getting

Targeting Customer champions

Winback User Email

“We miss you”

Goal Identifying why users stopped using and driving them back to use your product

Targeting Users who were active in your product and recently stopped

Post-Feedback Follow Up Email

“Thank you for sharing your experience with us, we would love to hear more”

Goal Reach out and follow up with users once they share their feedback

Targeting Users who filled in an NPS

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