Voice of the Customer

Having a pulse on your customer is critical to your organization's success. Incorporating customer feedback into your organization’s execution sets the right message within your organization and ensures that everyone is focussed on delighting customers.

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Totango Spark Onboarding Dashboard

Use the Scorecard to track your customer feedback. The scorecard and KPIs have already been built for you in the SuccessBLOC. 

Totango Goals & KPIs

Goals & KPIs.

We measure success for the customer and success for the business

 Drive best in class customer loyalty

Overall NPS - The NPS for your organization across your entire customer base. Choose the NPS metric to aggregate the results on.

% of Promoters - Track your overall % of Promoters

% of Detractors - Track your overall % of Detractors

% of Passives - Track your overall % of Passives

Track NPS by Customer Journey stage

 Maintain a high campaign response rate

% of users who responded to the campaign

Totango Segments


Customer segments have been created for you and to power the KPIs on this SuccessBLOC’s scorecard. You may need to adjust or add fields according to your business and data model.

List of Detractors

List of Promoters

List of Passives

Users targeted by NPS Campaign

Users who provided a NPS Response

Totango Best Practices

Best Practices.

Help your team with company and industry best practices to shorten the learning and training time and create consistency across your engagements.

About this SuccessBLOC and how to use it

Voice of the customer program - Summit Presentation and Video by Robyn and Laura Talbot (Autodesk)

Totango SuccessPlay Playbooks


Convert Detractors to Promoters

Convert Passives to Promoters

Convert Promoters to References

Totango Campaign Automation


Automate your communications on behalf of the company or the customer success manager using campaigns to send automated emails triggered by various goals. Here are a few examples:

Please give us your feedback

Goal Measure customer sentiment using NPS®

Targeting Key active customers with usage of at least 3 months

Reminder, Please help us improve

Goal Send a reminder survey respond to NPS

Targeting Users targeted by previous campaign and Goal Not Achieved

Close the loop with Promoters

Goal Close the Loop - Promoter

Targeting Users targeted in previous campaigns with score of 9 or 10

Close the loop with Detractors

Goal Close the Loop - Detractor

Targeting Users targeted in previous campaigns with score of 0 to 6

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