Aberdeen: The Path to Maximize Results Through Next-Generation Customer Success

Between January and February 2020, international intent-based marketing firm Aberdeen surveyed 405 businesses from around the world and across companies of all sizes and industries regarding the key trends and objectives driving their customer success programs. Then, in May 2020, Aberdeen conducted another similar survey of 1700+ businesses to gauge the impact of COVID-19. Based on the results of both surveys, Aberdeen gained several key takeaways about companies who have formal Customer Success program, they enjoy: 

  • 93% greater annual improvement in customer retention rates 
  • 94% greater annual improvement in a net promoter score.
  • 40% greater year-over-year growth in their annual revenue 

Get all of the findings in the findings in this conversation between Omer Minkara, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Aberdeen and Jamie Bertasi, Chief Operating Officer of Totango.

Video Transcript

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Jamie Bertasi
COO, Totango
Omer Minkara
Vice President & Principal Analyst
Webinar December 2020