Best Practices for Enabling Customer Success to Scale

Using advanced segmentation and automating personalized drip campaigns to drive onboarding

Has your Customer Success strategy stalled out while you try to build out your team? Don't worry, we can help. See how Totango enabled Zoom to manage over 32,000 different accounts with less than 50 dedicated Customer Success managers - that is 1 CSM for every 700 accounts! (Whoa!)  Totango’s helped Zoom do more with less through smart customer segmentation, facilitating automated communication without sacrificing the personalization that makes each customer special. 

Hear from Zoom Customer Success team members Claire Grayeb and Ashley Butler as they share their personal experience using Totango with their Customer success teams and the strategies they use to maximize their campaigns’ impact. 

In this video you will:

  • See how Zoom incorporated automation into their Customer Success Teams 
  • Learn how to start your own automated campaigns
  • Get tips to maximize impact of Totango’s Campaign Automation

Video Transcript

Claire Grayeb
Customer Success Communications Lead, Zoom Video Communications
Ashley Butler
Customer Success Operations Manager, Zoom Video Communications
Customer Success Summit 2019 - Team Edition NYC
Automation, Scale, Customer Success Managers
“Totango Campaigns are really, really important to us and close to our heart because we were able to take back the messaging that we were sending to our customers, and that is invaluable...”
Claire Grayeb
Customer Success Communications Lead, Zoom Video Communications