Change Management and Stakeholder Engagement Positioning

Are there complexities in your Customer Success services and are looking for a way to unify and simplify your process? SAP faced similar challenges and turned to Totango to achieve their goals. With a new centralized process, SAP was able to turn the data into a more usable form and to simplify communication with their users and other stakeholders. 

This webinar will go over: 

  • SAP’s  Timeline of implementing Totango  
  • Successes that SAP saw  
  • Key Takeaways from SAP’s experience

Even when facing complex business, Totango is able to transform your Customer Success platform to an accessible and actionable form.

Video Transcript

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Shelby Czarnota
Kerri Brown
Customer Success Summit 2019 - Team Edition NYC
Improving Company Synergy with Totango
“We’ve hammered home how complex our business is and how we’ve been on a journey to align our processes and methodology, and that culminated in the launch of the Totango platform.”
Annika Thakrar
Business Solutions Team, SAP