Improve Onboarding Using an Outcome-Based Approach

Lessons in Onboarding

It is one thing to get your customers to sign a contract, but it's another thing entirely to ensure that they feel satisfied. One way to meet this challenge is to shift your business’s mindset of simply implementing business solutions to starting off with meeting customer needs. Erin Bowers, Director of Customer Success at Totango, walks you through using Totango to optimize the stages of onboarding and to better understand and better serve your customers. 

You will learn: 

  • How to understand your Customer Goals and Needs and align your service with their goals
  • The Value of Customer Data for Onboarding and Documentation Best Practices 
  • How to implement a Prioritization Framework to maximize your impact 
  • Iteration for Continued Success 

In a customer-driven business world,  your business will succeed by actually understanding and meeting your customer’s needs. Totango’s Customer Success solutions are here to guide you and your customers to win-win partnerships.

Video Transcript

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Erin Bowers
Director of Customer Success, Totango
Customer Success Summit 2019 - Team Edition NYC