2019 Customer Success Summit Highlights

Can't Miss Learnings from Totango's Annual CS Summit

Totango Customer Success Summit had a variety of companies of different industries speak on their experiences using Totango to meet their business challenges and drive success. Kevin O’Came, SVP Customer Success at Totango, gives a high-level overview of the key takeaways from the first day of the summit. 

This summary includes:

  • What it takes to lead customer success changes for your business
  • Implementing Effective Customer Success processes for both employees and customers 
  • Driving company growth through Customer Success 
  • Maximize Totango’s effect on your business 
  • Creating a Customer Success Flywheel
  • Building an Orchestration Model to deliver positive outcomes for customers 
  • Key Metric Architecture for Customer Success  
  • Mastering Escalations

As a leader in Customer Success, Totango can help your business tap into the ever growing customer-focused economy to maximize your current and future success.

Video Transcript

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Kevin O’Came
SVP Customer Success, Totango
Customer Success Summit 2019 - Team Edition NYC
Organizational Alignment, Customer Success
“We do want to make sure we continue to provide not only the tools, training, practices but also the community access. So when you think of this event, or even the launch of the communities we put out there, there’s value in this network of leaders and companies and there’s a lot of learning that can take place outside these sessions ”
Kevin O’Came
SVP Customer Success, Totango