Demonstrating Totango's Customer Success Impact to Your Leadership Team

How to make Customer Success your competitive advantage.

Customer success is essential for any business and demonstrating the impact to your executive team can be difficult.  Show them why CS isn’t just a necessary business activity, it can be your competitive advantage. Let us help you how communicate the value Customer Success, as part of your overall growth strategy. Omer Gotlieb, co-founder of Totango, talks about framing your conversations about Customer Success (CS) for your leadership team to get them on board.


  • Why it is important to Demonstrate CS impact to your leadership team
  • Different ways to organize information 
  • What are the important topics to cover, and when 
  • Practices and KPI’s most interesting to your leadership team

Given the impact of Totango can have on your company’s bottom line, make sure your leadership team is fully onboard with your customer success operations.

Video Transcript

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Omer Gotlieb
Co-Founder, Totango
Customer Success Summit 2019 - Team Edition NYC
Growth Strategy, Customer Success
“If you are able to have a discussion with your customers and tell them ‘This is where you are right now, and these are the goals we have for you, and for my team for you, and these are the ways I’m going to guide you to that‘, that is a competitive advantage that can help you win deals ”
Omer Gotlieb