How to Maximize Product Adoption

Globally and at Scale with Totango

Although your business’s growth is an exciting time, there are new issues that crop up such as scaling up your processes while maintaining the growth of your business. You can address those issues with Totango’s Customer Success solutions to optimize the adoption stage of your customer lifecycle. Evyatar Seri, Customer Success Team Manager of Radware, talks about how his company used Totango to improve his customer adoption stage and to use the insights created by Totango to guide customer success. 

This presentation will cover: 

  • The Importance of automated processes and how to build the right process
  • Having Adoption and value-based conversations with customers 
  • How to Implement Processes in Totango 
  • Real world cases of leveraging Totango to revamp customer adoption. 

Adoption is the springboard of your customer lifecycle, as it leads to opportunities for customer renewals and upsells. Make sure your adoption stage is ready with Totango. 

Video Transcript

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Evyatar Seri
Customer Success Team Manager, Radware
Agour Tzour
Senior Customer Success Manager, Totango
Customer Success Summit 2019 - Team Edition NYC
Adoption, Growth, Scale
“Thanks to the integration that we did, thanks to the data scheme that we did, and thanks to the fact that we put it into Totango ...there were many projects that were built”
Evyatar Seri
Senior Customer Success Manager, Totango