Partner Success

Applying CS practices to your channel

Businesses and their partners share processes such as marketing and demo tips in order to get on the same page. However, less than 30% of companies that have Customer Success teams share their processes with their partners. Even if companies see great results from Customer Success with their direct sales, they tend to not share these strategies with the partners selling for the very same company.

It is not as if partners play a negligible role in the sales process; an estimated 75% of technology revenue goes through channels and partner sales. Totango can help tap into these potential opportunities by implementing CS strategies for you and your partners, thus driving growth and maximize recurring revenue for everyone involved.  

  This webinar will cover: 

  • The different Go-To-Market Models
  • The advantages of Partner Go-to-Market Models versus Traditional Go-To-Market 
  • How to increase growth by implementing CS to your partners
  • Introducing CS to Partner vendors with Totango 
  • Win-Win outcomes with your Partners through CS 

No matter how they came to be, your customer is your customer. Make sure their experience is top notch with a unified Customer Success experience through Totango.

Video Transcript

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Ross Fulton
Co-Founder & CEO, Valuize
Bob Crissman
SVP Channels and Strategic Partnerships, Totango
Customer Success Summit 2019 - Team Edition NYC
Channel, Partners, CS, Go-to-Market
“As a reseller, especially in a recurring revenue model, access to data and methodology, and all that stuff that makes up a good customer Success strategy is critical to our business model.”
Ross Fulton
Co-Founder & CEO, Valuize