Success in the Customer Centered Economy

Architecting Customer Excellence In An Era of Disruption

Customer-focused processes are critical to any business today. Whether small scale to enterprise sized, your relationship with your customers decide how well your business performs currently and in the future. As a result, a thriving business requires maximum buy-in and satisfaction from your customers. Guy Nirpaz, Founder and CEO of Totango, gives a high-level introduction to Customer Success as a growth engine for the business, and the mindset needed to realize customer success goals. Likewise, Guy covers a general overview of customer success and how Totango connects your business data into a clear and actionable platform. 

Totango delivers more than just a function; it is an overall strategy to transform your entire business and drive business growth in a customer-driven economy. 

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Guy Nirpaz
Founder & CEO, Totango
Customer Success Summit 2019 - Team Edition NYC
Customer Success, Innovation, Customer-Centered
“Totango’s mission is to accelerate the customer centered economy... We identify friction points, and we create new flows, [to] eliminate those friction points...Think about ZOE as a model that eliminates friction and creates immediate access to information, so that this painful experience of ‘I’m unable to get information about a customer’ is now this concept of creating new flows that did not exist before, and basically transforming the way business work.”
Guy Nirpaz
Founder & CEO, Totango