Trustpilot’s Growth Story Using Totango

How Customer Success accelerated growth and led to happier employees and customers

As your company grows, customer success can be a way to maintain and/or accelerate your velocity. Listen in as Brian Merritt, VP of Customer Success at Trustpilot talks about his experience with growth with Trustpilot and how Totango’s customer success tools helped Trustpilot reach their growth goals. Brian also talks about the evolution of Customer Success practices and how creating deeper connections improves both employee and customer experience.

This video will cover: 

  • How to leverage Customer Success to accelerate your company's growth
  • How to transform Customer Success and improve key metrics as your business grows 
  • How Customer Success teams can use Totango Campaigns to meet their goals 
  • Totango scaling alongside your company and making CS more efficient at large numbers

Ultimately, how your Customer Success teams perform directly ties into your company’s valuation and success. Set them up for success with Totango.

Video Transcript

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Brian Merritt
VP Customer Success, TrustPilot
Customer Success Summit 2019 - Team Edition NYC
Customer Health, Customer Success Tools, Scale, Efficiency
“Totango gives us everything we need to know about what our customers are doing, what their health is like”
Brian Merritt
VP Customer Success, TrustPilot