Waystar’s Road to Customer Success with Totango

How Totango transformed Waystar's Customer Success operations in just 8 weeks.

Have you experienced friction points within your business as different teams try to get on the same page? Have you had to wrangle multiple systems or platforms across your business? We get it. Waystar, a leader in the Healthcare technology space chose Totango to help them integrate different systems and processes stemming from various acquisitions and teams into one simple easy-to-use solution to evaluate and improve customer health. Waystar Director of Client Success Katie Patel, shares her experiences on how Totango’s Customer Success solutions unified their systems to help Waystar succeed.

In this video, you will learn: 

  • How a unified system can improve your team’s performance
  • How to Successfully Integrate Your Customer Success Platforms  
  • Scale your Customer Success Platform as your company grows

While you might not necessarily be in the healthcare industry, with a unified Totango Customer Success system, you and your business can get everyone on the same page to proactively manage your customers, and provide a seamless customer experience that increases retention and customer expansion opportunities.

Customer Success Platform, Scale, High Performing Teams, Customer Experience, Customer Expansion

Video Transcript

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Jeff Hurst
Chief Client Success Officer, Waystar
Katie Patel
VP of Client Success, Waystar
Customer Success Summit 2019 - Team Edition NYC
“As a company, our goal was to really integrate successfully, to grow them concurrently, and to implement systems and processes that help us win…. Totango is a huge part of that solution”
Katie Patel
VP of Client Success, Waystar