Harnessing the Power of Continuous Learning in Customer Success with Waterstone Management Group

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In business today, it’s no secret that the pace of change is incredible, from the velocity of market growth, to new and changing technologies, to evolving customer wants and needs. This is particularly evident in tech and recurring-revenue model businesses.  To stay competitive and exceed customer expectations, customer success organizations are often built to drive retention and expansion. But it’s not a set-it and leave-it function; you need to be adaptable and instill a continuous learning mindset and process. You need to measure performance, analyze results, and course correct.  To build this type of adaptability into your customer success model, companies should focus on the ‘instrumentation’ of Customer Success, which includes:- Reviewing and enhancing CS processes, such as playbooks and coverage models- Setting up key enablement tools, analysis and reporting- Establishing a governance model to support continuous improvement

Watch this 45-minute webinar replay to learn which tools, processes, and capabilities are needed to drive continuous learning within a dynamic Customer Success model.