How Slack Drives Change Management

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Change is hard, particularly when you are changing the behavior of employees. But Slack has done an unbelievable job in changing the way people work - making it really easy to communicate and collaborate in real time. They have grown to over 6 million daily active users in a few short years since inception. What's their secret? Rav Dhaliwal, Slack's EMEA Head of Customer Success, gives an encore presentation from Customer Success Summit 2017. He is joined by Ravit Danino, Totango's VP of Products. Ravit will share how technology like Totango can help your change management efforts. Being the 3rd customer success team member ever hired at Slack, Rav will share Slack's winning approach to driving change and growing adoption. Their method involves 4 phases that are designed to ultimately support a new way of working. Do you have a product or service that requires change management? Or are you simply impressed by Slack's remarkable growth? Download the webinar presentation and watch the replay!