Justifying the Investment for Customer Success Technology

Customer Success, as a model and methodology, represents an opportunity for enterprises to break down the silos of customer data and business processes. Learn how this will lead to operational improvements around customer centricity and growing recurring revenue.

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Totango and Catalyst

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9:00-9:05 PST


Karen Budell, CMO, Totango

9:05-9:15  PST

The next generation of CS
Everything you need to know: new research, new success stories, new paradigms

Alistair Rennie, CEO, Totango
Karen Budell,
CMO, Totango

9:15-9:30  PST

Expanding Totango partnerships & innovation
Deep-dive on Totango's latest innovations and integrations to our CS software

Ravit Danino, SVP of Product, Totango

9:30-9:50  PST

Delivering CS outcomes
The "X" factor—Learn how Waystar leans into CXO partnerships to drive results

Madhavi Bezwada, VP Client Success, Waystar

9:50-10:05  PST

Driving outsized impact with scaled CS
How Extreme Networks uses digital programs to drive business growth

Allie Irvin, Head of CS, Extreme Networks

10:05-10:25  PST

CS hot takes!
Spicy conversation on the most challenging and exciting topics facing the CS industry

Erika Brookes, CMO, Higher Logic
Kristin Hayer, Founder and CEO, The Success League
Peter Armaly, VP of Customer Success, ESG
Chris Dishman, SVP Global CS, Totango

10:25-10:30  PST

Close & Thank You

Chris Dishman, SVP Global CS, Totango

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hosted by:
Kevin O'Came
Kevin O'Came
Kevin O'Came

In this webinar, Guest Speaker Kate Leggett, VP, Principal Analyst from Forrester Research and Guy Nirpaz, Totango Co-Founder & CEO and the author of “Farm Don’t Hunt - The Definitive Guide to Customer Success” discuss:

- A reality in which CRM systems need to span beyond sales and service in the subscription economy

- The emergence of Customer Success Technology that allows companies to focus on customers

- ​Ways to optimize the entire revenue cycle

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hosted by:
Kevin O'Came
Kevin O'Came
Kevin O'Came

Want the basics? Review the 2022 Customer Success Industry & Salary Report.

Kevin O'Came
Kevin O'Came
Kevin O'Came
Kevin O'Came
Kevin O'Came