Onboarding: Optimize the New Customer Journey for Seamless Product Adoption

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Onboarding is the first step in the customer journey and a critical phase which can make or break your customer relationships. If you fail to set your customers on the right track, it can mean failure overall for the customer and your organization. Ensure right from their very first experience that the customer is receiving value to keep the likelihood of churn low.

In this webinar, Ravit Danino, VP of Product Management at Totango, gives an in-depth look at a groundbreaking, modular, concept in Customer Success. In our first ever mini-series SuccessBLOCs: Onboarding, Escalation, and Adoption the first installment Onboarding, you'll learn:

- How to dramatically improve the new customer onboarding journey.

- Be able to meet the milestones in an onboarding project timeline and overall goals.

- How to delight end users and enable a consistent and efficient experience.

- Ensure the customer post onboarding is adopting the product or service.

Download the presentation here.