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Freemium Onboarding

Freemium onboarding forms a critical stage in users’ path to becoming paying customers. The communications you use to onboard freemium users can directly determine whether they upgrade to premium buyers or they become inactive users.

Benefits of a Freemium Onboarding Email Sequence

A freemium onboarding email sequence is a series of emails sent automatically to new freemium users to provide an orientation to your product and brand. Sending this sequence serves several important functions, including:

  • Welcoming new freemium users, expressing your gratitude for their decision to use your product and laying the foundation for a relationship with your brand
  • Letting users know that you want to help them derive value from your product
  • Providing information about how to complete basic, essential tasks necessary to begin using your product, such as choosing passwords and setting up profiles
  • Introducing new users to key product features
  • Introducing new users to your support process so they know where to go if they have questions or problems
  • Creating a routine of using the product whether this be once per seven days, 15 days or even 21 days

Freemium Journey Template

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