Customer Success Glossary

Welcome to our list of common Customer Success terms. Keep up with our continually evolving industry and empower yourself with the latest Customer Success terms, definitions, and knowledge.

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Product Specialist

A Product Specialist typically serves as a liaison between various departments within a company and its customers, helping to troubleshoot problems and inform both current and prospective customers about the company’s products and services.

What a Product Specialist Does

The Product Specialist wears many hats in an organization, including:  

  • Helping to educate potential customers early on in the sales process about the company’s various products and services by leading demos, answering questions, understanding needs, etc. and determining whether the prospective customer needs to be involved in a conversation with a sales representative.
  • Working with product development and other departments to provide customer feedback to help improve product and service offerings.
  • Working with current customers to identify problems, provide troubleshooting assistance, and more.

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