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Scaled Customer Success

Scaled customer success is a method of CS that incorporates both human and digital touches to engage with customers following a 1:many approach, allowing individual CSMs to easily and effectively manage a large number of customer accounts.

Keys to Successful Scaled CS

There are four keys to a successful scaled customer success model:

  • Customer Journey Map: A detailed customer journey map is needed to help organizations understand exactly what each customer needs at each stage of their journey in order to be successful.    
  • Data: Capturing and analyzing data is key to understanding customers and learning what actions need to happen and when. Organizations can then use this data to create and trigger the right actions needed to intercept problems or act on opportunities.
  • Automation: Organizations should take advantage of automation technology to provide greater customer experiences and scale customer success. Automated tools like early warning systems, automated digital communications and dynamic assignment make it easier for companies to serve the needs of their customers and create value in the most efficient way possible.
  • Iteration: When implementing a scaled CS program, it’s important for organizations to make sure they have an approach and technology that will allow for quick iteration based on data and results.  

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