Sales to Customer Success Handoff Essentials

Kick Starting Customer Onboarding During The Sales Process

Are you encountering issues with full adoption and buy-in from your customers? Are your customers not realizing the value added by your company? By using a Customer Success approach in the pre-sales stage, you can take the first step in delivering value before your customers sign any contract. Ross Fulton, Co-Founder and CEO of Valuize, shares his own experiences dealing with delivering outcomes and how he leveraged pre-sales teams and strategies to increase retention and success with his customers. 

This video: 

  • Understand why the success of a recurring revenue model depends on kick starting onboarding
  • Explore the current state of pre-sales strategy in software companies
  • Learn how a pre-sales strategy can be a part of your onboarding strategy  

With integrating customer success principles in your sales strategy, you will be able to drive adoption with your customers and ultimately to generate consistent revenue in the long run.

Video Transcript

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Ross Fulton
Co-Founder & CEO, Valuize
Customer Success Summit 2019 - Team Edition NYC
Onboarding, Pre-Sales Strategy, Retention
“And this is where Totango is very powerful as a vendor... in that they lead with ‘this is what we're going to do to get you to value in the sales cycle’ .”
Ross Fulton
Co-Founder & CEO, Valuize