Totango's Digital Approach to Reach High Volume Customers

How a Tech Touch model can help you scale your Customer Success team

Whether you have a small customer success team or a large, enterprise-sized CS team, one universal problem is finding a way to make your operations cost-effective while maintaining your relationship with customers. This dilemma only continues as your business expands, as you are not always able to grow your CS teams to keep up with the pace. Fortunately, Totango provides effective and scalable Customer Success solutions without needing to dedicate more people to your CS teams. 

This video will: 

  • Explain Tech Touch Programs and how they can help your Customer Success Teams scale 
  • Define the Customer Success Maturity cycle 
  • Discuss Totango’s Enablement, Engagement, and Escalation framework to improve your engagement with your customers.  

Hear from Amanda Hartman, Director of Customer Success at Egnyte, and Christine Knific, Senior Manager Digital Success at Totango, as they walk you through implementing Totango tools to help manage your Customer base. Learn from their real-world experiences to help you develop better practices to engage with your own customer base.


Video Transcript

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Amanda Hartman
Director of Customer Success Operations, Egnyte
Christine Knific
Senior Manager Digital Success, Totango
Customer Success Summit 2019 - Team Edition NYC
Tech Touch, Automation, Scale
“It wasn’t really until we found Totango that we realized that we could actually scale to that ideal number of customers per CSM”
Amanda Hartman
Director of Customer Success Operations, Egnyte