How to Turn Escalations into Opportunities

Problem Solving is an Essential Component of Customer Success

"Customer success escalations are bound to happen, but are you prepared to handle it?" With Totango, your business will have tools to understand the causes of escalations, accounts at risk, and overall trends through data and KPIs. Vidhu Sharma, Senior CSM at Totango, walks you through how to use Totango’s features to find patterns with escalations and implement ways to address them.

 In this video you will learn how to 

  • Identify an Escalation 
  • Effectively Manage Escalation 
  • How to Create Opportunities from Escalation 

With Totango, you can be proactive with possible escalations, giving you the insights so that you can turn a potentially negative situation into a positive outcome for your company.

Video Transcript

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Vidhu Sharma
Senior CSM, Totango
Escalations, UpSell, Renewal
“If you effectively manage an escalation you can have this renewed credibility with your had such a great process in place that now, at the end of it, they’re excited and everyone’s beyond it.”
Vidhu Sharma
Senior CSM, Totango