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Keara Noyd
Customer Success Manager

Totango gets the job done!

Totango has streamlined our workflows and has consistently proven to be an easy to use system. We know exactly what to look out and how to the read the data which makes us better at our jobs. Additionally, our Manager creates CTAs in response to the triggers we've set up. This makes it super easy for us to know what to do, when to do it by, and to keep busy!

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Brian Merritt
VP of Customer Success

Without having a tool like Totango in place, our growth could not have been supported.

Totango is deployed globally, across 17 offices and 100+ Success Managers. We run more than $100 million in revenue through the platform..."

Erin Rangi
Customer Success Manager
Sumo Logic

Already providing value!

I can settle in for an afternoon where I have no meetings and go through every alert and task and feel confident I am not missing anything in my 100+ account patch. It helps to highlight accounts that may have slipped through the cracks and dramatically reduces the mental load of keeping on top of everything.

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Anne Rahm

Totango helps me stay organized and in close contact with clients!

I appreciate that Totango helps me stay in touch with my customers and no one slips through the cracks!

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Marianne Fe Danabar
Customer Success Associate
Schneider Electric

Easy to use and complete

I like that I can do numerous things with the tool such as tagging the status of the customer and I can add specific touchpoint. I also like that it shows the health of the customer and the profile page shows the total portfolio value from all the paying customers. Overall, Totango is a very useful tool and I like that it's always updating new features and capabilities.

Verified customer review at G2
Christtian Pinto
Account Manager
Zoom Video Communications

Managing my customers with Totango

It allows us to see the customer's lifecycle from onboarding all the way through to quarterly business reviews, upsells and CHURN prevention, allowing us to maximize our time and ensure customer happiness.

Verified customer review at TrustRadius
Katie Yagoodnick
Customer Success

Increased retention rate by 11 points!

We've been able to increase our retention rate by 11 points... which is no small feat.

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Lisa Carns
Customer Account Manager
Sumo Logic

Great investment and I am grateful to use it.

I love having the ability to track what I am doing to help my customers. Every day I can come in and see who needs attention based on my Notifications, Attention, and Agenda. I like having a birds-eye view of my accounts and I love seeing My Portfolio go from being Red to Green!

Verified customer review at G2
Vincent Frisina
Director of Marketing
Visage Mobile


It helps us determine how likely my customers are to renew. I also have alerts set up for when customers exceed their contracted subscription, are within certain contract windows, or haven't used the software in certain time frames.

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Shannon McCormick
Customer Success Manager

Totango for Customer Success

While newer to Totango, it has been a solid experience. It seems very fluid and has solid ways to keep properly tasked and up to speed with my accounts. I look forward to the continued use. We are still on the surface of it so I am excited to see more as we learn the product more thoroughly. I strongly appreciate the Task view, it helps me to be more organized in my structure and approach with my partners.

Verified customer review at G2
Jim Mercer
Head of Customer Success

You have one of the best tools on the planet.

Companies like Totango, which I've been using for 3 years really helps us as it relates to how we scale and partner with our customers.

Jaclyn Navarro
Customer Success Manager

Totango is Great!

It is great for building and creating reports so I know which accounts to touch base with. Totango has great organization and helps see the status of those accounts that are in poor health.

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William scupham
Customer Success Manager
Buildout, Inc.

First-time success org's experience with Totango

Working with Totango has forced us to think about customer goals at all. It sounds wild, but we didn't really think about goals until our use of Totango.

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Verified customer review at TrustRadius
Dilip Kumar
COO, Group Services

A scalable model

"We had to radically transform to find new sources of value... to have a sustainable, scalable model."

Jamie Rodriguez
Director of Customer Success
Data Intensity

It's about acting on data

"Its not just about collecting and organizing data, but acting upon it. Totango has the right interface to do that..."

Andersen Yu
Team Lead, Customer Success

Totango for Data Driven Customer Success Teams

Totango is currently used by our Customer Success organization. We implemented Totango so our customer success managers can have more visibility into health/activity metrics per client in their book.

Verified customer review at TrustRadius
Ryan Radel
Customer Success Associate II

Totango Helps Tame my Outreach Timelines

Totango is used by our Customer Success team to ensure we are proactively outreaching to our accounts. There are certain tasks that generate to ensure we are in constant contact. It has been easy to customize to suit the needs of our department and industry.

Verified customer review at TrustRadius
Marc Pladet
Customer Success Manger

Totango journey to success

Totango is used across the whole organization. It gives all the necessary data and the right focus of attention on the topics we need to address with our clients to create optimal customer success.

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Stephen Wilson
Sr. Director of Customer Success

It Actually Only Takes One: Totango

Our Customer Success and Renewal Sales organization uses Totango to provide insight into client utilization, client health, contract status, and client "TouchPoints" and interactions with the CSMs and Sales team. Allows us to create playbooks (Sets of actions) for our CSMs for certain conditions like a new contact is in play, or client has a support incident logged. It helps address the need for more granular real time insight into client health so we don't have to rely on lagging indicators like NPS or CSAT Survey scores.

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Jamie Wang
Director of Customer Success

Imperative for Customer Success and Many Other Teams

We are using the tool to track user engagement to see the various actions specific users are taking. This helps us better understand use cases and challenges a user my face. Beyond that, it gives a nice quick glance into seeing what is happening across a large group of customers to try and find clients falling into bad health and proactively reach out to them if they have stopped using the tool.

Verified customer review at TrustRadius
Ning L
Application Developer
Mid-Market Company

Imperative for Customer Success and Many Other Teams

This product helps the user on easy understanding the customers or clients behaviors regarding their products or business. With Totango is very simple to know how often and for how long is the product used. Easy reports building and customizing and how its simple creating anything requires tracking and still Totango performs nicely on process Automation and providing a great communication channel.

Verified customer review at G2
Bianca G
Senior Solutions Architect
Mid-Market Company

Perfect customer engagement customer lifecycle management product.

The customizable email campaign capability its a big plus for this tool and the building of productive reports and the segmenting ability is another good thing about Totango.The user activities tracking with Totango lands you to the useful results and the operations Automation power helps very much on business production improvement and on revenue management i can also recommend the tool and the tool itself is quite simple to get started.

Verified customer review at G2
Jason B
Senior Director, Customer Success
Mid-Market Company

Invaluable customer success tool.

Powerful ability to segment customers. Strong integrations with Salesforce and Slack. Ability to log customer contacts by BCCing emails into the system is critical for keeping a deep history of customer contacts. Highly configurable. Solid task tracking capabilities. Very helpful when multiple people or teams collaborate to serve the customer.

Verified customer review at G2
Keith Strodtman
COO, Cusotmer First

Totango has proven to be a good partner

We chose Totango largely because we felt that they were going to be a good partner and Totango has proven to be a good partner.

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