Customer Success Videos + Conversations

Listen to experts talk about Customer Success best practices.
“We’re able to pull more information from more places to get a much better picture of customer health.”
Jon Fotheringham, Director, Customer Experience Operations, Workfront

Unlocking Visibility to Drive Team Accountability and Team Productivity

How Totango Helped Monster Create a More Productive and Profitable Work Environment

Kristin Hallas
Senior Manager, Customer Success, Monster
Ella Eng
Senior Customer Success Manager, Totango

Totango's Digital Approach to Reach High Volume Customers

How a Tech Touch model can help you scale your Customer Success team

Amanda Hartman
Director of Customer Success Operations, Egnyte
Christine Knific
Senior Manager Digital Success, Totango

Trustpilot’s Growth Story Using Totango

How Customer Success accelerated growth and led to happier employees and customers

Brian Merritt
VP Customer Success, TrustPilot

The Key to Customer Loyalty is Understanding the Voice of the Customer

Explore AutoDesk's Strategies and Tactics for Best-in-Class VoC Programs

Laura Talbot
Voice of Customer Program Manager, Autodesk Construction Solutions
Robyn Fernandez
Director of Customer Success, Totango

Best Practices for Enabling Customer Success to Scale

Using advanced segmentation and automating personalized drip campaigns to drive onboarding

Claire Grayeb
Customer Success Communications Lead, Zoom Video Communications
Ashley Butler
Customer Success Operations Manager, Zoom Video Communications