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Jay Nathan, EVP & Chief Customer Officer, Higher Logic

Jay guides customer success at Higher Logic, an industry leader in cloud-based engagement platforms with a data-driven approach that gives organizations an expanded suite of engagement capabilities.

By serving in a variety of executive roles across customer success, product, services, and account management, Jay has developed a powerful methodology for building, leading, and scaling SaaS companies serving a wide range of end markets and customer sizes.

And now, as you take on leadership roles, and you know this because you do the same thing, you solve problems for groups of customers at a time, not just one at a time. And that's the beautiful thing about customer success and having a more strategic role, go-to-market planning, and all these other pieces is that you're actually solving problems at scale, which is more fun ultimately than solving them one at a time, at least for me.” - Jay Nathan

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(04:11) Jay’s journey to Higher Logic

(12:35) The importance of community in CS 

(18:54) The Gain Grow Retain podcast 

(29:51) Relationship, value, and engagement 

(39:11) Quick hits

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