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How Totango Helped Monster Create a More Productive and Profitable Work Environment

When working on a team, it can be a challenge to get everyone on the same page. Fortunately, Totango has built in collaboration tools to keep everybody working together. 

Kristen Hallas, Senior Manager of Customer Success at Monster, goes over her experience using Totango to getting insights on her CS team’s performance as a whole as well as individual team members. Kristen then goes on to talk about her experiences of using these insights to make her feedback and communication more efficient and more applicable for her team.  

This video will go over: 

  • The Importance of one-on-one meetings, 
  • How to structure meetings with your CSMs for maximum efficiency
  • Insights gleaned from Totango's CS software
  • How to leverage Totango to have more insightful one-on-one meetings with your CS team 

With Totango, you can better understand what’s working with your CS teams, and what needs extra attention. With more nuanced insights, you can have better feedback, and with better feedback, that translates to your team’s performance.

Video Transcript

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Kristin Hallas
Senior Manager, Customer Success, Monster
Ella Eng
Senior Customer Success Manager, Totango
Customer Success Summit 2019 - Team Edition NYC
Customer Success Management, Productivity
“For me, [Totango] leads to much better and more meaningful conversations with my CSAs, which ultimately will lead to a happier employee, and if you have a happier employee, it is going to lead to more productivity and better productivity from them, which ultimately leads to more customer success,”
Kristin Hallas
Senior Manager, Customer Success, Monster