CS No BS podcast

Hosted by Jamie Bertasi, former Totango President & COO

Jump right into no-nonsense conversations with some of the most influential leaders in customer success. Learn exactly what it takes to deliver a world-class customer experience, drive significant business value and growth, and become a high-impact customer success leader.

About the host

Jamie Bertasi is the former President & COO of Totango, where she leads the go-to-market, customer success, people, and business operations teams. A proven and trusted leader, Jamie has a demonstrated track record for building high-value experiences for customers and delivering strong business results.

Morgan Courtney


The art and science of customer success

Discover the advantages of working from a place of empathy with your customers, and the importance of that perspective when dogfooding.

Jay Nathan


Solving customer problems at scale

Learn how to change your mindset to scale customer success by solving problems and providing a better customer journey, such as adding value via communities like Gain Grow Retain.

BS no CS


Maintaining gratitude for the customer

Discover the importance of having proper gratitude for your customers. Hear the challenges of aligning other leaders and companies to prioritize customer success, and learn why you should avoid being too scrappy with tools.

BS no CS


The biggest BS in CS

In this special episode, recent guests including Maranda Dziekonski, Kerri Brown, and Brent Cogswell call out the biggest BS in CS and how to overcome it. Listen as they discuss how customer care and customer success are NOT the same, why Net Promoter Score carries too much weight, and much more.

Kerri Brown


Delivering on customer expectations

Kerri Brown, Head of Customer Success Strategy Execution, SAP
Learn how aligning everyone in your company around the same customer experience is essential to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Get advice on how to orient your model and overcome challenges with a common language to support change.

Shona Fenner


Owning the moment trumps owning the customer

Shona Fenner, Sr. Customer Success Operations Manager, PetDesk
Your customer engagement model can be a critical differentiator. Learn how shifting from an account management model to customer success can enable more empowering and effective experiences.

Maranda Dziekonski


Building CS from scratch

Maranda Dziekonski, Chief Customer Officer, Swiftly
In this episode, Maranda discusses the importance of finding your inner voice and advocating for yourself, the benefits of geeking out on standard operating procedures, and the best way to build a CS team from scratch.

Brent Cogswell


The power of being proactive

Brent Cogswell, Head of Customer Success, Schneider Electric
What’s the difference between customer success and customer support? Learn how to harness data for a more proactive approach to avoid problems and enhance outcomes. 

Guy Nirpaz


Customer journey as a product

Guy Nirpaz, Founder & CEO, Totango
In this episode, Guy talks about defining, viewing, and improving the customer journey as a product; where companies looking to do so should begin in order to find success; and the importance of optimizing for the speed of learning when looking to scale your business. Guy also addresses the biggest changes in customer success to date and how Totango empowers companies to deliver outstanding outcomes and growth.



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Discover the best practices of some of the most influential leaders in customer success and learn to develop your own winning strategy with actionable takeaways. Get insights, tips, and success stories to build your CS practice and drive significant business value and growth. Learn exactly what it takes to deliver a world-class customer experience and become a high-impact customer success leader.