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2021 Year in Review



We accomplished a lot in 2021, let’s take a glimpse into some of the highlights across the entire Totango community.

40K+ have joined our growing community from over 140 countries

Together, we are finding new ways to share ideas, stay connected and build strong online communities. Last year you showed up at 100’s of virtual webinars and user forums, deep-dive implementation workshops and generated 1000’s of online conversations.

"I really loved the use cases of connecting the onboarding SuccessBLOC to automated campaigns including ways to trigger next steps with CTAs. I have a 1:1 tomorrow and will share some of these ideas with my boss."
- “Let's Rock Onboarding” Deep Dive Attendee

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For the Health of It
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Customer Success

We’re making it simple, easy, and successful for all. Digital transformation continued to accelerate in 2021, driving many businesses to invest massively in customer success technology.


SuccessBLOCs downloaded, shared and activated from Totango’s Customer Journey Marketplace

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Totango customer journey templates

The top 3 initiatives you were focused on in 2021

Detecting Risk
Managing Onboarding Projects
Nurturing Customers

Agile customer success transformation

Over the last 18 months, 80% of brands have grappled with rapidly changing customer journeys, making the ability to analyze journeys at scale and to act quickly critical to maintaining market growth.

Automate Renewals
Drive Product Adoption

In the last 4 months alone, you’ve mapped, designed and implemented over


new customer journeys on Totango

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Powerful new innovations

that empower you to deliver more value to your customers.

Multidimensional Health

Aggregate multiple dimensions of customer data into a single representation.

Multidimensional Health
Multidimensional Health
Multidimensional Health

Customer Experience Canvas

Design, run, measure, and optimize your best customer engagements all in one place.

Campaign Designer

Create engaging, customizable email campaigns with drag and drop components.

Totango Campaign Designer

The new age of digital engagement at scale

As virtual teams become the norm, the focus on digital engagement is higher than ever.


individually personalized emails were automagically triggered this year


average unique open rate for emails you sent to your customers through Totango


average unique engagement rate with
your email campaigns

An end to silo’d data is in sight, with innovation in its wake


data records updating every week and billions of customer data signals continually analyzed giving you a real time single source of truth on your customer.

Easily connect with all the tools you already use, providing boundaryless and secure access to data across systems

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Invested in fueling customer success and enabling your success. We are pushing the boundaries of Customer Success and delivering innovations for the entire community. If you’re up for the challenge, come join our team.

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