Totango Unveils 'Smart Truth Scoring' for Customer Success Profession

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 19, 2014) - The Customer Success Summit -- Totango, the leader in customer success and user engagement management, today unveiled a breakthrough way for companies to understand the truth about customer loyalty and success based on the value customers find in their products. The announcement was made at the Second Annual Customer Success Summit in San Francisco.

"We're providing insight into customer health you can finally trust," said Totango CEO Guy Nirpaz. "To date, understanding whether your customers are finding true value has been a complicated undertaking, leaving customer success professionals to the unacceptable art of guesswork. Our vision is to deliver a precise, data-driven, and predictive understanding of customer health that helps companies grow and thrive."

Built on top of its industry-leading "customer-behavior" sensors, Totango acts as a beacon for important activities such as usage, engagement, and value. What's more is these signals are constantly adapting and including the most relevant kind of information to now provide the industry's most accurate and individualized customer value and health scoring system, informing customer success managers of the truth about their customers at any given time.

"This is like a Fitbit for the customer success profession. But beyond providing just one layer of basic information and analysis, it goes even further to actually understand what you need to be healthy, dynamically moves thresholds accordingly, and proactively tells your doctor when something noteworthy is occurring," added Nirpaz.

Adaptive and Tailored Customer Signals
Totango is taking its customer-behavior signaling to the next level with innovative customization and improved precision, understanding areas of customer health that were virtually invisible before. While previous triggers were one-size-fits-all, Totango is now able to provide an adaptive health system based on indicators that are most relevant to their customers' lifecycles and segments (i.e., enterprise versus SMB).

For example, an online document company can now define and gauge the kinds of signals that matter most to them, such as "new document creation within 7-day signups." Totango also measures health differently depending on the timeframe ("healthy" can mean something different within a user's first 7 days than it does within the first month or even year).

Rigorous and Predictive Analysis
Totango also constantly analyzes its data set to help improve the individualized things that companies need to track. With this new release, Totango proactively suggests new types of signals and thresholds that might matter most to your customers' success, helping predict churn or upsell opportunities for your specific needs.

In the online document example, this might mean Totango identifies that document creation is just one key indicator of true engagement; document sharing and in-line commenting might better correlate to long-term adoption. Totango then proactively suggests that a company begin understanding that behavior more deeply -- to consider it as a factor of overall customer success -- and ultimately provides the way to measure and score the behavior.

"We're in an incredible time for the way companies can understand the truth about the value they're providing to customers," Nirpaz said. "Totango is committed to delivering the best and most helpful software that businesses rely on day in and day out to understand this truth, take important action, and deliver on the promise of customer success."

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About Totango
Totango is the leader in customer success and user engagement for cloud apps. The company helps SaaS vendors and online subscription services take a data-driven approach to reducing churn and driving customer success, product adoption, and trial conversion. Totango monitors customer behavior and usage in applications -- along with critical relationship data from CRM, billing, and other systems -- to generate insights on customer health and engagement. The company's platform combines big data analytics with powerful segmentation and predictive tools to guide vendors in taking the right actions with each customer to create an active, engaged user base.

About the Customer Success Summit
The Customer Success Summit is the most important gathering of customer success professionals and experts in the world. Held each year in San Francisco and sponsored by Totango, the 2014 Customer Success Summit brings together CEOs, industry analysts, and customer success executives and professionals from some of the world's best companies including Evernote, Box, Zuora, American Giant, and Jobvite under one mission: exploring how to put the customer first.

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