Becoming customer centric at an early-stage startup

The writing is on the wall. From top venture capital firms to industry leaders, the B2B SaaS space is universally accepting more customer centric principles to proactively influence the lifetime value of the customer. With good reason. In Gallup’s “Guide
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Customer Success Business

The Business of Customer Success

Customer Success is a brand new profession. Its origin is based on the need for subscription and lifetime focused business to retain and grow their existing customers (customer base). I would like to offer a business perspective to organizations and
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Building Out a Comprehensive Health Score

Part of the Customer Success Summit On-Demand Series Defining your customer health is one of the first activities that every Customer Success organization must do, but it is also one that is never really complete. Every time a customer churns or
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The 3 Pillars of Customer Success: Culture, Technology and Health

Part of the Customer Success Summit On-Demand Series Depending on the company, Customer Success can be implemented in any number of ways. Small companies, large companies, B2B, B2C, high-touch, low-touch, all sorts of organizations approach this challenge with a myriad of different
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3 questions every new VP of Customer Success should answer

Customer Success Summit is returning to San Francisco March 21-22, 2016. Register today! Part of the Customer Success Summit On-Demand Series Starting a new job anywhere can be a challenge, but starting a new job in an industry that is still
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Customer Success: Play to Win

Part of the Customer Success Summit On-Demand Series Customer Success is taking off and has grown beyond being just a function within many organizations. For the last couple of years the industry has gone through several phases of understanding. First looking at why
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Customer Success the Next Generation: What is the Final Frontier?

Part of the Customer Success Summit On-Demand Series Over the past 5 years, Customer Success has become a recognized philosophy in almost all SaaS and subscription businesses today. Now that we’ve moved from infancy towards maturity, how will the industry
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Super Users and the Membership Economy

Part of the Customer Success Summit On-Demand Series What is a Super User? That customer that knows your product well, they use it often and they share that drive and passion with other people. With today’s  subscription businesses these users are
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Customer Retention Cost: A New Metric for the Boardroom

We’re well into the second decade of the SaaS industry. We’ve seen some phenomenal successes in the public markets with stalwarts like, the next wave of SaaS companies including NetSuite and Workday, and more recent IPOs such as Box.
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Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 9.52.36 AM

Inspiration for a Customer Centric Org

It is becoming more and more accepted that customer success has to be more than just a function, it needs to be a company wide mantra. Putting customers first is now a core tenant of almost any SaaS or subscription business today.
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road to anywhere

Customer Success Predictions for 2015

2014 has come to an end and it’s amazing to look back and see the phenomenal growth we experienced in the customer success industry last year. Working with hundreds of SaaS companies, I personally saw customer success elevated as a
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summit logo

Customer Success Summit 2015 is here!

Customer Success Summit is returning to San Francisco on March 21-22, 2016. Register today! For the last two years, the Customer Success Summit has been a sold-out show, bringing together executives, thought-leaders, and practitioners of Customer Success.  Today I am
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Customer Health Console

New Release: Announcing the Customer Health Console

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Customer Health Console!  A few months ago, we released the Customer Portfolio Manager, a tool for every CSM to manage their own portfolio of customers in one central place.  Now with
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Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.40.09 PM

Trials and tribulations: 4 best practices for increasing trial conversions

A recent study shows 67% of SaaS companies receive some percentage of their new customers through free trials. If your company offers free trials or a freemium model, it’s important for you to find ways to increase trial conversion rates
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Hello: I'm in Customer Success

The Bastardization of Customer Success

In September, I had the privilege of meeting Josh Forman at Denver’s Customer Success Meetup event. Josh is a thought leader in Customer Success and brought forth a very interesting point of view regarding the difference between being a Customer Success
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Forrester Market Overview: Customer Success Solutions

Totango emerges as a veteran in new Forrester Report on Customer Success

With the growth of subscription revenue models in many industries, especially in the SaaS space, customer success is coming to the forefront of business conversations. Organizations realize that they must actively drive the success of their customers in order to
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5 Steps to Boost Retention

5 Simple Steps to Boost Retention

As more and more businesses turn toward a subscription model the emphasis on customer retention has ballooned. The need to acquire customers still exists, but the stability of a business is increasingly reliant upon building a steady stream of revenue
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Customer Retention Comic

5 questions to consider: The Power of Customer Retention (infographic)

Really cool infographic from Kapow though I think it shouldn’t be a debate of which is better: retaining current customers or acquiring new ones. It should be more like realizing the value of existing customers and how much revenue they
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CS Summit Speaker Highlight: Continuous Engagement in a zero touch world

Identifying At Risk Users In Lifecycle Marketing CloudBees is the leader in the Continuous Integration (Jenkins) and Continuous Cloud Delivery (DEV@cloud) world. It was inevitable that we would start examining our lifecycle marketing practice through the continuous-improvement lens. A while
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Customer Growth Lessons for internet companies

Customer Growth Lessons for SaaS Companies Visualized (infographic)

Customer analytics help software companies see better retention rates and easily identify at-risk accounts. Totango partnered with Aberdeen to give you 10 recommendations and some interesting stats that compare typical SaaS companies with their best-in-class counterparts. Get the full complimentary
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The Age of the Customer

Becoming a customer company…wait, that’s not news!

In his recent keynote, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff talked about “Becoming a customer company”.  His message resonates with Totango’s beliefs on customer centricity and our driving force for organizing the Customer Success Summit. For years now, we’ve all heard “The
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Value is the currency of customer retention

Value is the currency of customer retention

Are you “locking in” customer retention instead of fueling it with value? I found myself nodding to this article about why customer retention should be about value.  You definitely don’t want your customers to “stay” only because they can’t leave
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Customer Growth Lessons for internet companies

EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Customer Intelligence for Software Companies

We wrote earlier about Aberdeen’s groundbreaking research into the value of customer intelligence: companies which use customer analytics in their customer facing business processes see 3x greater customer retention and 20x greater account value growth year over year. Read our
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Welcome returning customers!

Customer retention is a result of loyalty and trust

This week’s roundup of Customer Retention thoughts: Customer retention is a result of loyalty and trust. Improve loyalty through anticipation to improve retention. 4 Proven ways to increase customer retention Stats already show that it’s more costly to acquire new
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Optimize revenue: warp speed ahead!

3 revenue resources to optimize for SaaS companies to maximize growth

During the early stages of SaaS companies, their primary focus is to grow the user base and start building revenue momentum from there. This is only sustainably profitable if those customers stay, renewal after renewal or upgrade. Obtaining new customers
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Aberdeen Group and Totango present: Customer Growth Lessons for Software and Internet companies

It’s no secret that retaining customers and growing their value is a key differentiator for leading software and internet companies. However, many businesses are inundated with numerous challenges and inefficiencies impacting their ability to better engage their customers. We’re back with
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Screen Shot 2012-09-27 at 11.06.48 AM

Totango and OVUM present: Beyond CRM – CRM Trends 2013

“Traditional CRM has run its course.” – Carter Lusher, Research Fellow and Chief Analyst, OVUM Totango and OVUM recently hosted a webinar to discuss “The Customer Adaptive Enterprise”. Carter Lusher discussed how the relationship with your customer is the most
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San Francisco Giants Logo

Retaining customers in baseball, higher education and secure networking

Across industries attention is shifting from customer acquisition to customer retention. In this blog three stories about how to retain and grow customers: one from baseball, a second from higher education and lastly a story about networking gear that can tell its vendor which customers may not be getting the most out of their purchase.

Amy Friedman

Amy’s Six Secrets For Customer Success Professionals

Over the past week we released a series of short clips from an interview with Amy Friedman, a four time customer success professional with over fifteen years of experience in the SaaS industry. She has worked in customer success for
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Amy’s Customer Success Manifesto – Part4:Lucidera Case Study

This is the last part of our interview with Amy Friedman a four time customer success pro. In this last version Amy speaks about Customer Success done right – of the four companies where she ran or was involved with
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Amy’s Customer Success Manifesto – Part3:Metrics

In the third part of our four part interview with Amy Friedman, a passionate customer success pro, she talks about metrics for customer success. Top metrics: – Number of logins (proxy for usage) – What features are getting used (to
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Amy’s Customer Success Management Manifesto – Part2:Challenges

Amy Friedman, an experienced customer success management professional on the front line speaks candidly about the challenges and solutions of a customer success manager as well as what it takes to be successful in this field.

Customer Retention: Thank you please come again!

4 ways to calculate customer retention

It’s important to measure what you’re trying to manage. There have been multiple opinions on which SaaS Metrics are important but the bottomline is still the same: revenue – what brings in the recurring profits? One of the biggest challenges
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unsexy conference

The only 3 metrics that matter for SaaS (Unsexy Conference)

What’s sexy about being unsexy? All the insights and startup/SaaS lessons shared at yesterday’s Unsexy Conference! One presentation in particular caught my attention and that was by Zuora’s CFO, Tyler Sloat, “The Only Three SaaS Metrics That Matter”. We’ve had
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hotline magazine meetup

Totango in Boston: Cloud Customer Retention & Customer Success Management

We’re excited for the next leg of our Customer Success Tour in Boston next week, and you’re invited! SaaS/Cloud Customer Retention & The Future of Customer Success Management Join Mikael Blaisdell, Publisher of The HotLine Magazine, for a visionary and
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Engine Yard Logo

Totango Accelerates Revenues for Engine Yard Customers

The Totango team is excited to announce its participating in the Engine Yard’s add-ons program. Engine Yard is the leading Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider. Totango provides Engine Yard’s clients a way to better monetize their applications by driving customer engagement and
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6 Sure Fire Tips to Retain and Grow Customers

In the week that we also announced integration with Zendesk (see below), I wanted to remind you of the “6 Sure Fire Tips to Retain and Grow Customers” webinar where Totango will be co-presenting with Zendesk. The webinar will take place Tomorrow,
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Customer Success Managers

The Future of Customer Success Management: A Look Ahead

We are super excited to be co-hosting an event with Mikael Blaisdell, one of the pioneers of customer success management. We consistently hear from our customers and prospects that they would like to meet other customer success management professionals so
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Resource Center Screen Shot

Presenting – the SaaS Resource Center

This week we’ve added a section into our website which I believe would add value to the SaaS Community – I present our SaaS Resource Center! The Resource Center is a place where we update the most important/informative/valuable articles on
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Customer Success

The State of Customer Success Management 2012

A White Paper / Report of the Customer Success Management Initiative Webinar: Thursday; February 23rd 2012 10: AM PST   Over the past couple of years, a new position has been showing up in the open job listings throughout the
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