Putting customer success in the hands of your customers with SuccessBeat reflection tool

Enterprise SaaS solutions have borrowed heavily from popular consumer apps and services.  Old-school, stodgy account management practices are out.  Personalized, interactive user engagement is in. Learning from the pioneers Ten years ago, Salesforce was probably the first enterprise software vendor
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lessons learned

Top 3 lessons learned from building today’s best in class customer success

At Totango we’ve worked with over 200 customers of all sizes to help design, build and deploy best-in-class customer success management programs for their organization. Customer success management enables them to reduce churn, encourage upsells and promote evangelism. Through working
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Customer Success: A broad-brushed approach with a stencil

Customer Success is not a one-size-fits-all discipline. Each customer is different – and so are their needs and expectations. In the world of land-and-expand where upsell and recurring revenue is the critical metric, a SaaS company can struggle dealing with
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Optimize revenue: warp speed ahead!

3 revenue resources to optimize for SaaS companies to maximize growth

During the early stages of SaaS companies, their primary focus is to grow the user base and start building revenue momentum from there. This is only sustainably profitable if those customers stay, renewal after renewal or upgrade. Obtaining new customers
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Amy’s Customer Success Manifesto – Part4:Lucidera Case Study

This is the last part of our interview with Amy Friedman a four time customer success pro. In this last version Amy speaks about Customer Success done right – of the four companies where she ran or was involved with
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unsexy conference

The only 3 metrics that matter for SaaS (Unsexy Conference)

What’s sexy about being unsexy? All the insights and startup/SaaS lessons shared at yesterday’s Unsexy Conference! One presentation in particular caught my attention and that was by Zuora’s CFO, Tyler Sloat, “The Only Three SaaS Metrics That Matter”. We’ve had
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Target your customers

Using Video to Increase Customer Engagement

It’s becoming increasingly clear that one of the best ways to get and maintain customer engagement is through video. Like all methods, though, there are some best practices that are always good to keep in mind. April Bixel on via680
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Resource Center Screen Shot

Presenting – the SaaS Resource Center

This week we’ve added a section into our website which I believe would add value to the SaaS Community – I present our SaaS Resource Center! The Resource Center is a place where we update the most important/informative/valuable articles on
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database plan

Best of 2011: SaaS Sales Models Tips

Are you running a B2B sales or inside sales organization? Do you have a freemium or free trial in your service? Are you considering a low or zero touch sales model to increase velocity of your sales funnel? These modern
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Best Practices

Best of 2011: SaaS Best Practices and Customer Analytics

SaaS Best Practices and App Vendors Often I meet with SaaS companies who have a lot of good will but simply don’t know where to start. Even very successful SaaS companies sometimes need some guidance and some tips & tricks
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Customer LifeCycle

The Top 10 Requirements for an Effective Client Lifecycle

1. Must be a corporate wide initiative – not just a client services initiative. Without Board and CEO level visibility, buy-in and sponsorship this type of corporate-wide initiative can be challenging to have all key stakeholders involved and invested. Although
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3 Recommendations for Sales Compensation for SaaS

I am at the Cloud Channel Summit today. A topic that seems to be coming up over and over again today is the need to come up with innovative sales compensation (commission) models that align with the subscription business model
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The SaaS Executive Dashboard

Today, the Totango team is excited to announce a brand new “SaaS Executive Dashboard”. The Totango SaaS Executive Dashboard is an extension of the Totango online platform which allows SaaS teams to gain full visibility into the level of customer
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