Do you really know your customers?

5 Questions every Customer Success team should ask themselves

The Customer Success function has made its way into almost every other SaaS company, working its way up and carving its foothold on revenue. The new business model shows the growing importance of the Customer Success function and its ability
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Good to Great: A Session To Take Your Marketing The Next Level

Join us at Good to Great a free virtual event powered by Marketing Nation, that’s an online conference that connects you to a network of ideas, technologies and integrated solutions on Wednesday November 14 from 8am-2pm PST. Our team will be
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SaaS University

SaaS University Boston Presentation: Powering the Customer Era

For your convenience, please find below my presentation from SaaS University in Boston this year. From the level of discussion and the attendance, it’s clear that the SaaS market matures at rapid pace. Hard to believe how many new Customer
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Totango 2012 SaaS Metrics Infographic

2nd Annual SaaS Metrics Survey Results

See the full infographic here. Get the 2012 SaaS Metrics report here. Today we are announcing the results of the second annual SaaS metrics survey results. Because it’s the second year that we are doing this survey, we were able to
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Usergirl, defender of user value

Userman and Usergirl are coming to Dreamforce to defend user value!

Userman and Usergirl, defenders of end user value are coming to the Dreamforce conference! Their motto: When users succeed first, business success will follow! Userman and Usergirl will roam the show floor at Dreamforce and will have just 3 questions for
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5 Traits of User Onboarding Craftsmen

Guy Nirpaz, Co-founder and CEO of Totango talks about how to craft successful user onboarding flows and gives five tips to user onboarding learnt from working with many successful internet and software companies.


Amy’s Customer Success Management Manifesto – Part2:Challenges

Amy Friedman, an experienced customer success management professional on the front line speaks candidly about the challenges and solutions of a customer success manager as well as what it takes to be successful in this field.

secrets - I love knowing something that I'm not supposed to know

3 secrets to reinvigorating your email marketing efforts

Ours and our customers’ inboxes are getting smarter and knowing when to redirect annoying emails to our spam filter. Don’t be disheartened when email open rates aren’t up to par with what you’re expecting but definitely make a conscious effort to
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Predicting revenues

How customer engagement can predict profits

Loved John Dillon’s (CEO of our partner Engine Yard) blog on customer engagement in Forbes! He says (amongst many other things): Why is doing a better job of customer engagement so crucial? Because it impacts customer loyalty, which directly impacts
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5 Ways To Accelerate Revenues From Your Mobile App

Mobile app developers have been looking to recreate a similar level of accomplishment as Instagram has. For many the process starts with A/B testing to tune their mobile app to their users’ preferences and identifying their in-app behaviors. At the “Monetizing
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Screen Shot 2012-05-21 at 2.19.46 PM

Mobile Analytics: Totango Releases iOS APIs For Developers

We’ve made it easier than ever to add Totango analytics to your native mobile iPhone or iPad iOS applications! This latest mobile analytics release will help you recognize how your customers are using your mobile app, the effectiveness of your
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SandHill Logo

How Zendesk and CloudBees Increase their User Engagement

Yesterday, the SandHill Magazine have published an article about Managing Challenges of Onboarding SaaS Customers and Converting from Free Software Trials where 2 of the very popular app services providers – Zendesk and CloudBees, were quoted about their success in
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over half don't use their saas paid service

Learn about user engagement from one million businesses

Today, I’m happy to announce that Totango has analyzed the customer engagement and optimized the sales and customer success interaction with more than one million prospects! We sure learned a lot from our beta stage and this is the place
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3 Steps to Measuring User Engagement with your Web Application

Take a step back and you’ll realize user-engagement is the single most important metric in any SaaS business. In a world where customer evaluate your offering at their own pace, and can cancel their subscription at any time, the best
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Measuring User Engagement in Web Applications

Measuring User Engagement in Web Applications

I came across “What is user engagement” article by Jordan Willms of Work at Play. In this post, Jordan defines a good engagement metric as the number of user actions divided by the number of content items. The example provided
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