Lifecycle Marketing, Behavioral Triggers Increase Conversion Rates

Email outreach plays a significant role in lifecycle marketing. It is extremely effective for developing new relationships and nurturing existing ones – what makes or breaks it, though, is the messaging. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the frequency that causes people to unsubscribe but rather, the irrelevancy of the email content!

There are three types of email marketing:
1) Mass/Broadcast Emails, i.e. newsletters, promotions
2) Lifecycle Emails, i.e. loyalty programs, birthday campaigns
3) Behavioral Emails, i.e abandoned carts, product review requests, transactional emails

The more targeted the type of email, the higher the response rate. We found this interesting slide (below) from this presentation on Email/Lifecycle Marketing demonstrating that 1:1 marketing based on users’ interactions on the web or service increases the conversion rate by almost 4 times! Lifecycle email marketing is a great way to communicate with your userbase based on their latest actions. For example, if you know when they’ve been using your mobile features and you can email them a tip on a new mobile feature that might benefit their experience; or if you notice they’ve been inactive with their account lately, shoot out a friendly “We miss you” email to bring them back.

Mass, Lifecycle and Behavioral Email Response Rates

In addition to the real-time analytics that Totango provides, we also use the information to help our users implement targeted, behavioral emails to their customers for a high success rate – especially higher conversion rates! Behavioral messaging is based on the recipient’s interactions with your service or app. From this you can determine what message to formulate to complete the conversion or take on the next CTA (call to action) and give them a highly personalized experience!

Want to learn more on lifecycle marketing or how to increase customer engagement? Contact us for more information on customer success or say hi to us at the Marketo Summit 2012 where our very own, Dominique Levin, where she will be presenting on “Three Steps to Accelerate Revenues from Existing Customers“.

Guy Nirpaz

I'm the CEO and Co-Founder of Totango. I love people and technology and I've dedicated my career to tech that will improve the way people do business. Prior to starting Totango I worked in the space of real-time big data as EVP of Engineering at GigaSpaces and as Chief Architect at Mercury.

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