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Welcome to our list of common Customer Success terms. Keep up with our continually evolving industry and empower yourself with the latest Customer Success terms, definitions, and knowledge.

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SuccessBLOCs are Totango’s proprietary all-in-one solution to help customer success organizations get up and running quickly and easily with out-of-the-box templates, best practices, dashboards and more for various stages of the customer journey. Totango provides a large variety of SuccessBLOC modules that are geared toward improvements in different areas of the customer journey.

Key Features of SuccessBLOCs

Each SuccessBLOC is built using key components to drive and monitor outcomes, including:

  • Scorecards: help you define and track goals visually using one or more KPIs for a SuccessBLOC.
  • Segments: provide quick access to account information with a focus on timeline, progress or work-related aspects of the accounts in a segment
  • Reports: let you visualize and understand trends over time, monitor fluctuations and track segments’ changes
  • Assets: a place to store best practice documentation such as templates and other reference documents within a SuccessBLOC so the entire team can leverage it
  • SuccessPlays: operationalize best practices consistently within your CS organization by automatically creating tasks to achieve desired outcomes
  • Campaigns: let you stay engaged with your customers by automating communication thus allowing CS teams to scale without affecting retention and adoption

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