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Automate your renewal process to increase customer retention and growth.



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Introduction to the Automate Renewals SuccessBLOC

The Automate Renewals SuccessBLOC is designed for subscription businesses that need to automate their renewal process. It comes out of the box with all the foundational content and assets that you need to increase your retention rates and ensure a smooth and efficient renewal experience for your customers.

The Automate Renewals SuccessBLOC Enables You to:

  • Automatically notify your customers of their upcoming renewals and thank them once their renewal has been processed. 
  • Intelligently detect issues with your customer’s payment method and help them resolve it before it becomes an issue. 
  • Engage with customers who don’t renew and win them back.
  • Solicit feedback from customers who don’t renew to understand why they chose to leave.

What's Included?

goals & kpis

Ensure High Renewal Rates
  • Current Month Renewable Accounts
  • Current Month Renewable MRR
  • Current Month Renewed MRR
  • Current Month Churned MRR
Monitor Renewal Risks
  • Accounts With Expired Credit Card
  • Accounts With Past Due Payments
  • Past Due Payment Total
  • Accounts in Poor Health

Customer segments

Account Segments

  • All Accounts
  • All Paying Accounts
  • Accounts With Expired Credit Card
  • Accounts With Past Due Payments
  • Accounts in Poor Health
  • Current Month Renewable Accounts
  • Current Month Renewed Accounts
  • Current Month Churned Accounts
  • Last Month Renewable Accounts
  • Last Month Renewed Accounts
  • Last Month Churned Accounts

User Segments

  • All Users
  • All Users at Paying Accounts
  • All Billing Contacts
  • Billing Contacts With Renewal in the Next 14 Days
  • Billing Contacts With Declined Payment
  • Billing Contacts With Expired Payment Method
  • Billing Contacts That Did Not Renew


  • Update Next Payment Renewal Date


  • Upcoming Renewal Notification
  • Payment  Confirmation
  • Missed Payment Reminder
  • Payment Method Expiration Notice
  • Lost Customer Winback