What’s the difference between customer success and customer support? Learn how to harness data for a more proactive approach to avoid problems and enhance outcomes.

Brent Cogswell, Head of Customer Success, Schneider Electric

Brent is a tenured leader at Schneider Electric, whose purpose is to empower all to make the most of energy and resources, bridging progress and sustainability for all. Brent has 27 years of progressive advancement through Schneider Electric, beginning his development through a sales focus. He has held significant leadership positions in regional support, direct accounts, global processes, and the Customer Care Center.

Customer success is focused on recurring revenue and it's the life cycle management of the recurring revenue with a very large focus on the customer's desired outcomes. It's very customer oriented on their desired outcomes. Whereas customer care is reaction. It's when the customer calls or chats or emails us, it's not us proactively going to them. So it's reactive. It's more about solving problems after they happened. Whereas on the flip side with customer success, it's being proactive, and using data to avoid problems. - Brent Cogswell 

Timestamp Topics

(02:22) - Brent discusses his role at Schneider Electric

(12:21) - Brent explains the difference between customer success and customer support 

(18:07- From spreadsheets to Totango 

(21:52) - Keys to success

(31:56) - It’s a journey, not an event

(38:38) - The biggest BS in CS

(43:52) - Brent’s advice

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