Customer success software for enterprise product leaders

Capture feedback and track adoption to build a product your customers love.

Source the best product ideas straight from your best customers

More than a third of actionable product ideas come from customer feature requests. To retain and attract customers, product leaders need to have an effective strategy for collaborating with customer success teams and using customer feedback to proactively drive the product roadmap.

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Gather actionable customer feedback

Use email campaigns, in-app experiences, surveys, and customer communities to gather feedback. Segment users based on feedback responses with impactful follow ups.

Track usage and adoption

Monitor product telemetry and integrate data from analytics tools to create a 360-degree view of how your customers interact with your product.

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In-App Segmentation
Totango In-app builder

Collaborate between CS and product

Partner on product launches and customer communications to ensure that customers are up-to-speed on the most impactful features your product has to offer.

Take control of your customer portfolio

Totango Composable Customer Success software enables your business to drive predictable revenue growth through retention, renewal, and expansion by allowing you to compose, manage, and iterate your true product: your customer journey.
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Aruba increased NPS by 30 points by scaling their one-to-many CS program while maintaining a personalized approach.

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Get started with out-of-the-box best practice templates to build a product your customers love

SuccessBLOCs are pre-built customer success program templates, embedded with industry best practices so you can get started quickly, and improve the product adoption metrics that matter.

Drive Product Adoption

Personalize your customers' product adoption experience to ensure use and help unlock additional value

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Run VOC Programs

Collect customer feedback in various ways to understand and influence customer satisfaction

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Drive Community Engagement

Combine one-to-one relationships with a one-to-many community to scale CS and strengthen customer connections.

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Improve NPS & Loyalty

Manage and mitigate your escalations.

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Improve NPS & Loyalty

Track Net Promoter Score and manage campaigns and workflows associated with them

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Totango combines customer insights from a business perspective from our CRM system with a product usage point of view directly from our app to give a well-rounded overview of their overall health.

Morten Hagen
VP of Sales, SAM Labs