2019 State of the customer success industry
8/27, 10 am pt/1pm ET
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Ensuring Customer Value in the world of COVID-19 

A Resource Guide

Your customers are as anxious as you are when it comes to COVID-19 and its impact on their lives and businesses. We're here to help you most effectively connect and deliver value to your customers as we all navigate the coronavirus pandemic.

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Reach out, listen, and empathize with customers.

Talk to your customers to understand how their business is being impacted. It seems simple, but leading with empathy in our conversations and understanding how the changing circumstances are affecting your customers’ lives, personally and professionally, adds a human touch to an increasingly digital world.  Reassure customers of your business continuity plans and personally reach out to them to learn how you can help. 

Create a digital record of your plan that can be shared  Outcome Success Plans

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Provide value and
deliver relevant offers

Make customers aware of your digital (remote) products and services so your customers can still work closely with you. Build offers that will help them get through these times.

Now, more than ever, businesses will use digital services to reach their goals. What services do you provide, new or existing, that will help them? Examples: Remote conferencing, digital banking,

Increase your Customer Communication Cadence

All remote teams and virtual interactions require a different type of engagement. Increase the cadence of engagement with your customer so they don’t feel left alone just because your team is working remote.  Instead of mass, broadcast announcements, deliver personalized, timely digital conversations on an as needed basis - at least weekly.

Personalize and automate campaigns using Totango's robust customer segmentation and SuccessPlay features.

Improve internal flow of communication around customers

Our work lives have changed and the new normal is not only remote, but also in some cases, more fragmented as teams adjust to work-life with kids and spouses.

Use technology to improve efficiency. Totango provides one-click actions to complete tasks, send notifications, and create touchpoints.

It's time to start engaging with your customers. Let's go!

2019 State of the customer success industry
8/27, 10 am pt/1pm ET
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Customers that manifest success on Totango

“We chose Totango largely because we felt that they were going to be a good partner and Totango has proven to be a good partner."

keith strotdman, COO Customer first, SAP

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Jim Mercer Zoom

"Companies like Totango, which I've been using for 3 years really helps us as it relates to how we scale and partner with our customers."


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“Finally, for the first time, we have proactive customer data to determine customer health and take action. "

Katie Yagodnik, Senior Manager – customer success, MOnster

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Dilip Kumar, NTT

"Totango helps our success managers to actually help our clients consume our offers and drive adoption."

dilip kumar, coo – group services

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