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2019 State of the customer success industry
8/27, 10 am pt/1pm ET
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Who's this program for?

This program is designed for high-performing customer-growth leaders who want to make effective decisions for powerful results by harnessing the best practices of Jeanne’s 5 competencies model, and by sharing their experiences and learning from others.

What's in it for you?

When you sign up for the program, Jeanne will guide you through her proven 5-competency model, which leaders around the world employ to deliver success and customer-driven growth. Through this program, you will learn how to:

Honor Customers

Honor “customers as assets” by attaching ROI to your efforts and finding the right approach for your company.

Build a Goal Map

Build a GOAL map for customer-driven growth that will unite your silos and glue your company together through corporate culture changes.

Build a Customer Listening Path

Build a Customer Listening Path by gathering feedback and ensuring it drives improvement and culture change.

Establish Revenue Erosion Early Warning System

Establish your “Revenue Erosion Early Warning System” so you can start reorienting your operating metrics to customers’ goals.

Lead for Culture

Lead for culture and enable employees to deliver value by engaging in leadership, accountability, and employee experience discussions.

“I look forward to working with Totango customers as they advance their journeys towards customer-driven growth, transform their companies, and develop deep and memorable relationships with their customers and employees.”

Jeanne Bliss

2019 State of the customer success industry
8/27, 10 am pt/1pm ET
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“No one knows more about Experience Leadership than Jeanne Bliss.”

Scott Dille, Senior Vice President, Northern Trust Bank

How does it work?

Mastermind groups consist of 10 or fewer executives who meet with Jeanne four times per year to dig deep into her five competencies, work through proven tools and approaches to leadership, and network with each other, discussing work, opportunities, and challenges in leading for customer-driven growth. Even better, Jeanne is committed to customizing each group’s content based on their specific needs and goals as they evolve. 

Normally, Jeanne coaches individual C-Suite leaders around the world for more than $35,000 per client, but as Totango’s gift to you, participants will have the opportunity to experience this program at an exclusive price. And, as part of this inaugural offer, Jeanne will also hold a one-off session with individual participants to customize your plans as needed.

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“Jeanne accelerated our ability to see and act on what customers value, leading us to achieve measurable results.”

Olivia Duane Adams, Chief Customer Officer, Alteryx

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This VIP experience is exclusively for Totango customers. Not a Totango customer yet?

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